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8:00 BST

I finally manage to get into work on time, but only because I went to bed early and didn't hang around this morning. I wonder whether you could plot a job satisfaction against morning start time graph?

My Project Leader has helpfully given me a list of things to do this week; I wouldn't mind this if he wasn't such an obnoxious git. I know he's a rising star within the company; I just wish he would hurry up and rise somewhere else.

I'm a complete sucker for Horoscopes and mysticism; every day I check out the Everything I-Ching. Today, both my hexagrams were: Lu, treading (conduct)

12:50 BST

Wheelie Chair + formica lab floor = happiness

Yup, played a little chair hockey this morning. The good thing about our lab is the absence of managers; probably something to do with the proximity to real work ;-)

I have a toolkit. It seems that the best kept secret in our lab is that our goods inwards guy has a bunch of toolkits in a locked cupboard. I signed one out and received my little box of happiness complete with screwdrivers, socket tools and even a "rack mounting square thingy removal tool". I feel like an initiate to a strange new monastery; "The order of the Rackmount" or something...

Got the latest Mozilla daily build; Mmm, nice browser. I'm posting this with Moz, it is nice and quick and only crashes as much as Netscape now.

Yes, I know that was a geeky update, but sometimes I just can't deny it.

20:10 BST


I seem to have some kind of ear infection. Right now, I have maybe 30% of my normal hearing ability. This Sucks! I'm therefore looking forward to a day at work saying "Pardon?" to everyone who attempts to talk to me. I saw the doctor and she told me to have my ears syringed - this will be a new experience for me.

Hmm, possible noding material...