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7:55 BST

Good Morning!

I appear to be in an uncommonly good mood this morning; this prolly has something to do with the 12 hours sleep I got last night after the hard day's work yesterday.

I woke up to a slightly cold edge in the air; it certainly seems that Autumn is edging in. I love autumn. Besides the obvious benefits of kicking up huge piles of golden leaves and playing conkers loads of cool (heh) stuff happens in autumn: Dressing up warm in fleeces and scarves and gloves, cuddling, cold faces with warm bodies and finally lip balm.

Don't ask me why, but I love lip balm. Especially the orange flavoured ones. Maybe it's lipstick for men or something :-)

I think I've put my finger on why we've all been happier at work: our bastard project leader has been on holiday for 2 days. Maybe he'll accept some of my holiday and leave us alone more often?

12:20 BST

Another day, Another person leaving Sony. This time the person leaving is our product manager, who is a great laugh and an all round good guy. He will be sorely missed, considering that he's essentially been responsible for all the sales of our department to date...

I got a really nice /msg from a fellow noder about these daylogs. He shall remain nameless, but thanks a lot matey! It really means a lot to get some encouragement, especially when daylogs can be a little stigmatised due the vote dumping that sometimes goes on.

Do I have to mention that there'll be more later?