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Wow, another month almost over.

Today we have to pack our equipment to ship to the tradeshow in Amsterdam. I wonder how we're going to get everything packed before midday?

I have puffy eyes today.

I continued my quest to sample the different alcopops last night. I tried Smirnoff Mule and Metz schnapps. The mule was icky and awful, the metz was palatable. I still prefer Lemon Vodka Hooch to all the others, barring greyhound cocktails.

I have only a slightly bad head this morning :-)

16:20 BST

Well, the equipment is shipped. It only took 4 hours longer than expected, due to problems with serial numbers (we forgot to write them down), Televisions (none worked) and fatigue (We're all lazy gits :-)

Lifting all those heavy things has given me neck, back and leg ache. I've taken a load of painkillers, so I'm a little... mellow right now. This is a good thing, as I can deal with those annoying managers with laid back ease ;-)

I don't think I'll be on the net after work - I'm sleeping for at least 12 hours tonight. I'm knackered.

More later? I bet you can't wait! :-P