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Ah, work.

I'm in a rare, can cope with anything mood today. I've had Solaris server problems, rackmount PC problems, Set top box problems and application problems all thrown at me today. I've solved them all quickly and accurately, prompting a "what have you been taking? I want some!" comment from a colleague. Yay for me!

I am in control

This week proves to be a hectic one. (yesterday was a public holiday in the UK) We have to pack all the equipment for the tradeshow, continue testing everything and organise ourselves for travelling next week.

Mental Note: Hate is the easiest of emotions, but the least rewarding.

There are moves afoot to oust our project leader. It turns out that our two most vital engineers are considering a joint "Either he goes or we go" move. The problem with this is that the much maligned manager is a golden boy, rising star within our company; he has powerful friends...

Mental Note: Keep your head down

13:10 BST

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17:30 BST

Our general manager is not having a good day... From his point of view, we have made no progress from Friday. In fact, it looks as though we've made a backwards step; what was working seems to have broken. His mood has not been improved by intermediate problems with the output streams - prolly caused by a ground loop thingy because of the different power circuits our equipment is on...

Don't ask me, I'm a software technician and that's a hardware problem! ;-)