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Hoo boy, I shouldn't listen to War of the Worlds and read HP Lovecraft alone. Check out today's dream log for details...

It's my Mother's birthday today. I will be doing the normal activity of buying a card from the local supermarket and signing it quickly before I walk round to her house. Why is there a slight stigma on supermarket greetings cards? They have the same design as the cards from a "proper" card shop. I suppose it's just snobbery.

15:25 BST

Yay for my Mum!!

She took pity on my poor keyboard woes (see yesterday for details) and bought me a brand new Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro! I shall try not to spill any drinks on this one.

My Good Deed for the day

One of my Mother's friends called around at her house to wish my Mum a happy birthday. She had her surly 15 year old son with her. I asked her (rather crassly) what was wrong with him (like 15 year olds need a reason?) She replied that he is asthmatic and refuses to bring his Ventolin out with him because he doesn't want to look uncool - meaning that he is always short of breath.

I took him aside and told him that I was asthmatic too. He tried not to look too interested, but implied that I couldn't be that asthmatic as I don't carry my inhalers with me. I then produced the two inhalers that had been hidden in the leg pocket of my cargo pants. The look of realisation on his face was quite amusing to behold - especially as it turned into a bright red blush as he realised what a dick he'd been to his Mother...

He thanked me for the advice - a 15 year old boy said thank you!? This has indeed been a good day.

17:35 BST

Second Good Deed for the Day

I pointed Lometa in the direction of the academic discounts for Microsoft software, so she doesn't have to pay full whack for the software her son needs for his schooling. I also pointed out that many schools have group or site licenses already, so he shouldn't need to buy another one. And if he doesn't really need to use MS software, then I pointed out that LaTeX is very good.

More later, peeps