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It would seem that my mental well being is mostly dependent on my external environment:

  • It's raining. Not a rare occurence in the UK, but this promises to be one of those days where it rains continuously for maybe 8 hours. Subconsciously, I've already put Beth Orton on the stereo, and Tori Amos and my most low-key trippy ambient electronica is also ready to play.
  • I'm poor. I have to pay off a credit card bill, leaving me with precious little money to do anything this month.
  • It's my Mother's birthday tomorrow. Her present will consist of my Brother, Stepdad and myself sitting down watching the Belgian Formula One Grand Prix. She deserves better.
  • The digital Satellite service seems to be down. That means I can't watch any TV. :-(
  • I've installed Windows Millennium Edition (Windows 98 mark 3 :-). Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to support my standard (but 3 years old) hardware. This means I can't waste the day playing Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
  • And, yes, I'm lonely. Rainy days were designed specifically for cuddling, mild tickling, mussing and making lazy sweet love. Kind of hard to do by myself :-P
  • Even IRC doesn't hold my attention. I need to find some of those infamous, mythical channels filled with lonely women. Hmmm.
  • Why am I sad enough to put my woes in an HTML unordered list? ;-P

Stars in my sky, There's a galaxy of emptiness tonight
Won't you please, sweep me off my feet

15:25 BST

I spilt Dr Pepper on my keyboard and mouse. My Brand New keyboard and mouse. Arse. It all seems to be working properly after a good clean (hopefully)

16:55 BST


My brand new Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard is broken. The drink I spilt on it seems to have well and truly shafted a select few keys - like the ones in my password for instance. This means I'm on the backup, old and yellowed original natural keyboard - the one that gives me finger strain after 10 minutes of usage.



This day is suddenly going a lot worse...

Prolly more later, bugger all else to do