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12:20 BST

Feeling very icky today. I'm coming down with some kind of chest cold. I'm hoping that I don't get laid up for a whole week with it. I'm only at work because my project leader is using emotional blackmail: "You're the only person who can get this done", etc, etc Ad Nauseum.

It's a lovely day today. I find it strange that an event that is supposed to be bad can bring you to unexpected pleasure: The buses have changed their routes, meaning I have to walk much further to work; this means I can appreciate the fleeting British Summer that much more :-)

I think I have decided on my mission drive within everything2. I'm going to go over my old lyrics writeups and add copyright, writer, artist, date and any other information I can find. Hopefully some others will follow suit.

Incestuous comment: Why is everyone whining so much about XP and nodes and leaving and hating each other and stuff? Is the end of August traditionally such an angsty time amongst you humans?

Question: Do you like the new navigation at the top of this writeup?

If I could cool homenodes, I would cool:
fondue's for the picture and the sparse aesthetics
Juliet's for the words
pseudo_intellectual's for the animation and ascii art
hamster_bong's... well, why not? :-)
and last but not least, Break's for overcoming the "no picture until level 6" rule :-)

15:05 BST

Random Thought: I don't like having short hair. You can't muss short hair properly.

Mental Note: Find a mussing partner

Does anyone else use tgif? I'm using it for making CD labels - it's a very good piece of free software.