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9:15 BST

I'm going to have to be extra careful in the way I deal with my project leader from now on. It looks as though his is going to single me out from the group as a person he can take his frustrations out on. He's just sent me an email berating me for not following group policy when I set an password on a demo system - There is no group policy on passwords, he's just using it as an excuse.

Thankfully I'm not alone. My colleagues have expressed support, and are also concerned at the way this new project leader is disrupting the group.

If there is something to be said, he will say it in such a way as to annoy the most number of people in a given group...

13:10 BST

My Mother has invited me over for a takeaway this evening as my stepdad isn't in. This means that I won't be forced to watch football (soccer to you non-UK'ers). I hope we have Chinese food!

16:20 BST

Tip of the day! Not as good as fondue's below...

When administering servers, buy a yoyo. While the servers are rebooting, improve your yoyo skills. (Rebooting is a frequent and lengthy occurrence when using a Microsoft Windows NT 4 Cluster)