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9:35 BST

I managed to sleep from 5:30pm to 6:30am - That's 13 hours!

Hmm. I've been getting 15+ upvotes a day, but never seem to increase my XP total by more than 5 per day... Strange. It's not as if XP matters that much, but I wondered if anyone else had seen this?

My bastard of a Project Leader has decided that the racks aren't quite right. So he's asked me to basically do all the past 2 weeks' work again.

Death is too good for someone like that.

12:30 BST

There seems to be some confusion about Big Brother (the TV show) at the moment. According to the radio, Nasty Nick was put down by 2 other contestants - However I cannot find any reference to this...


Love via text <-- I wonder if this is happening to me? It's too easy to get the wrong end of the stick, it's too easy to misinterpret those words. It's selfish to think that you could be writing about me. But I want this to be true so much.

I am unhappy.

I am angry. An ex-colleague whom I know to be lazy and incompetent has got a position higher than mine. I can only hope their new boss will see them for what they are.

Sigh, I know that's a bad thought. I know I'm morally wrong. I know that I should wish this person the best. I know that wishing someone ill makes me ugly to the outside world. I know that I should love my enemy. For what reason is hate easier than love?

11:20 BST

I just saw the X-Men movie! Yay!

It's only just opened here in the UK, and I dragged 8 friends along to see it. I thought that there would be huge queues, so I forced everyone to turn up ludicrously early. But the cinema was almost empty.

We had a nice curry afterwards, and much bollocks was spoken :-)