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I didn't have much sleep as I am still in pain from my ear infection. It's unfair that I have to wait until Thursday before I can see my doctor and get referred to specialist. Seeing a specialist doctor can be a problem here in the UK; unless you mention you have private health cover the doctor will be reluctant to add you to the NHS' vast wating lists. Free health care is good, but can take too long...

The weather has matched my mood today; it is overcast and slightly drizzly without actually raining. There's no real chance of rain - it's just a dreary Monday.

I couldn't face walking all the way to work today so I caught a bus for half of the trip. The bus driver gave me an uninterested and annoyed look when I asked for a destination that wasn't in the town centre. I'm sorry, did I make you think for a second?

The bus passed a man my age standing at a road junction. He was wearing roller skates and had a haunted, disgusted, harried and angry look on his craggy face. I wonder what the story behind him is?

I have surrendered to the surreal unreality of Mondays

I hate myself for being productive, for giving in and being a good corporate bunny, for not standing my ground and doing what I want.

Mental Note: Sex is not Love