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A Storm in a Teacup

I watched The Perfect Storm last night. I wouldn't have seen it, but my Mother wanted to watch it, and she paid for my ticket.

I've become all too used to these boring Hollywood factory films. Stamped out from some focus group, committee designed template of a script and aimed at some strange lowest common denominator audience. Cliched dialogue, obligatory special effects and bland performances by generic actors. I know that it is based on a true story, but so are those awful TV movies. I know that I'm supposed to feel sorry for those fishermen and coast guard who really died in 1991, but that doesn't mean that I will like the film.

My annoyance was compounded by my local cinema's sound system. All the music tracks crackle and have a strange thumping every 15 or so seconds. I plucked up enough courage to complain at the start of the film; although the manager said he would look into it, the problems persisted. I'm worried that the X-Men film will have the same problems next week.

A Monopoly on deafness

Before we went to the cinema, I talked to my Brother about my recent hearing problems. He dismissed out of hand my statement that our general ear canal difficulties may be genetic. I was surprised by his vehemence, he was very angry with me - even implying that I was not really ill. It was shocking to think that he could be quite so nasty. He's been so angry and depressed lately.

Brotherly Love

I think my Brother is turning into a workaholic. He is only 19, yet he works from 7:30am to 6:30pm and brings work home to read in the evening. He should be going out, but falls asleep almost immediately when he gets home. He is lethargic for most of the weekend and is uninterested in things that used to make him happy (music, films etc.) Every time I visit my Mother's house he is irritable to the point of ruining an otherwise nice weekend.

I'm really beginning to worry about him.

Addiction Redux

I took some painkillers last night. This is a complete failure for me. I promised myself that I wouldn't touch them again, but after walking to my Mother's I just asked her for them casually. This was really quite stupid as I took them on an empty stomach and made myself light-headed, frantic and nauseous.

Even these adverse side effects are somehow of little importance to me. I went to sleep easily last night and slept very well - the best for many weeks.

It's going to be a very difficult day today.

12:10 BST

My training in the ways of The Order of the Rackmount continue today. I've discovered that broadcast racks are different to computer racks - just enough so that computer rackmount kits don't fit properly into a broadcast rack.

Mental Note: write a node about the possible Mojo Nation economy.

18:10 BST

well that was an Anti-Climax

I went to the doctor's surgery to get my ears syringed. I was expecting some wierd medical equipment to do the job, but instead got a nurse with an cake icing squeezy thing! A quick squirt of warm water and I was done. Except that the nurse sent me to a doctor because I seem to have a proper ear infection (rather than my last doctor's visit in which she said "you're just blocked up")

So I now have some sofradex sterile ear drops. I have to use them for a week, then go back to the doctor's. My colleagues are beginning to look concerned; 3 doctors visits in a week, with at least 3 more to come. My manager asked if I was OK in a "Please don't be ill, you're the only one apathetic enough to take the shit I give you" kind of way.

Yay for Me!

I gave in and took some painkillers last night (see "addiction redux" above). But I restrained myself from buying a load of pills when I collected my ear prescription! Whee! Hooray!

I feel very proud of myself right now.