Bar codes are very easy to decode if you understand binary - just take the black bars as ones and the white bars as zeroes, and you can see what the number should be. Not that the number isn't already printed below the bar code, but bear with me here.

Now, if you'll notice, there are three sections on the bar code that are unnumbered. The part at the beginning of the main code, the part at the end, and the part in the middle. Decode it, see what numbers you come up with.

Did you see it? Not all bar codes are like this, but some are... if you'll notice, most bar codes have a double bar in those spaces. That is a 6. And most UPCs have three of those double bars, unmarked, in all three spots...

That's right, kiddies, most bar codes have 6 for the front number, 6 for the middle number, and 6 for the ending number! Folks, this is no coincidence! It's 666! The UPC is the Mark of the Beast. That's right. The evil has been loosed on the world, in the form of little innocuous bars. Let this be a lesson to you, folks. If you look hard enough, you can see Satan and his works everywhere.