Since this whole 'Save the Moon' business sounds less like a hot-button issue and more like an inspired joke to me, I attempted to do some (very little, incomplete) fact-checking. I could not find any existence of a 'Cornell Green Society'. I did, however, find a 'Cornell Greens' group; they appear to be an environmentalist group, with the rosy but ungrammatical mission statement of 'The promote conservation and social justice on campus and throughout the world'. I sent off e-mail to the chapter's president, one Michelle Sprague. She claimed to be totally unaware of a 'Save the Moon' campagin taking place on the campus.

I hate to say it, DMan, but I think that someone was pulling a prank on the students of Cornell. If you can find literature that they are publishing, or just maybe take a snapshot of the 'Save the Moon' signs, maybe we can start to figure out where these came from.

This is not an attack on you, DMan. If you are angry, the best recourse would be to fact-check my own nodes; God only knows how many falsehoods I've accidentally propogated here.