Yes, the Everything Portraiture Project has returned! The chance to have a rank amateur sketch your craggy, windswept features! Trust me, I need the practice. And now it's slightly different, in that this time, it will actually work.

Here are the rules :

You must send me physical media. I refuse to work off of a monitor. I have no color printer, so printouts can be a bad thing. There is no substitute for film stock. I will return or destroy the picture at your request.

You will probably receive the original - but maybe not. If, by some fluke, the portrait turns out exceedingly well, then I get to keep the original. But the criteria for that is simple - I must make what I judge to be a 'groundbreaking' leap in technique or style. That last happened in 1993. You'll probably get the original.

You must pay your own postage, and nothing else. That can't be much - less than a dollar, I bet. I'll take care of the postage for the finished portrait.

The finished work will be either ink or pencil, roughly the size of a normal sheet of paper. Sorry. I don't do color, and I don't want to work on something poster-size. The finished size will probably be close to 10 by 12. You'll have to use your local Kinko's to blow up the picture if you want more. If I use pencil, I'll see if I can send it in a plastic slip or something - I don't want the graphite to rub off.

Nothing but faces! Sure, I won't mind if you send some mindbendingly lascivious shot of yourself and your significant other conducting... experiments... on film. But don't expect me to do anything with it.

No demands. Sure, you can ask me for things, but don't expect me to do all of them. You aren't paying me anything, so I feel no obligation to follow your every last command. That being said, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

And that's it, really. Make sure to send your chosen picture to :

Ken Teague
1121 Ninth Street, Apartment B
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

And give a return address, please!

Dateline 27 January 2001 : the first portrait has been sumbitted! Yay stand/alone/bitch!

25 February 2001 - The second portrait has now been sent... pukesick is the lucky winner!