I'll be honest. I doubted this story from the time I first laid yghes on it. Of course, being the sometimes obsessive fact-checker that I am, I found Professor Gerald Smith's e-mail and asked for the free pamphlet, which I received promptly through the post. So now I am the proud owner of a very thick, glossy, high-class booklet entitled '(How Parents Can Help Children Live) Marijuana Free'

Here's the part of the pamphlet that has the offending phrase; I'll post as much as I can to provide context so that you may judge for yourself.

...There are four warning signs: (a) medical symptoms, (b) behavioral signs, (c) social signs, and (d) circumstantial evidence. Taken alone, any one of these signs may not mean much, but if your child exhibits several of these, you have good reason to suspect marijuana use.

Medical Symptoms Of Regular Users

(text about Visine use of users, and instruction on cop-style follow-the-pencil tests follows... omitted by the noder - inconsequential)

Behavioral Signs of Regular Users

Social Signs Of Regular Users