Column appearing in the UK newspaper The Guardian since November 1997, acknowledging errors appearing in the paper in prior editions. It has been written by Ian Mayes since its inception.

The column has proven so popular that the Guardian in 2000 published a book, Corrections & Clarifications (ISBN 1-84115-603-5), compiling some of the funniest items from the column as well as some of the "Open Door" columns also written by Mayes for the paper. The book's first printing sold out.

Some excerpts:

The picture of the Horsehead nebula on our front page yesterday, was reversed. To obtain the view of the nebula that we showed the camera would need to be more than 1,500 light years away from earth.
April 9 1998

The recipe for chocolate souffle with Mars bar, page 61, Guardian Weekend, May 16, specified '85 tbsp granulated sugar'. It should have called for 85g. Apologies to anyone already seriously oversweetened.
May 21 1998

In a report on the Finance and Economics page, page 21, August 21, we referred to the £250,000 advance for Vikram Seth's prize-winning novel, A Suitable Buy. Although undoubtedly worth every penny, the book is actually called A Suitable Boy.
August 24 1998

The great crested newt shown on the front of the Society section, September 30, was, as sober inspection confirms, upside down.
October 2 1998

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