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I am detailing the previous nights karaoke experience and party to my girlfriend and it goes like this.

Me: blah blah.. and the fuzz starts pounding on the door!

Woman: Who?

Me: What? The fuzz?

Woman: Yea.. what is that?

Me: You know, the cops! I belive it to be in the vernacular.

Woman: No way, you made that up! (ed. she must have led a sheltered life)

Me: Look, if we ask Sean, "What would I be referring to if I said 'Ohh shit its the mutha fuckin fuzz!'?"

Woman: Thats not fair the, "ohh shit its the mutha fuckin" part gives it away!

The talk really broke down at that point, but there is more.

So I tell my buddy Sean about the "conversation" with my woman to which he comments:

She is smoking crack, thats like saying I would know what yuo were talking about it you said,"Oh Shit, it's the Mutha Fuckin Chocolate Milkshakes!"

Now it may seem odd, but Chocolate Milkshake is the perfect slang term for cops! I'm not really sure why, but trust me on this one thing.. speak the phrase that is this node one time aloud, and you will be hooked! It just rolls of the tongue so nicely.

Even my girlfriend agrees, so give it a shot, it sounds absurd, but it is the bomb!