The above writeup properly describes how to find a dealer in the ghetto. Usually there is only one or two streets in a city where prostitutes and drugs can be purchased easily. Cops will sometimes interfere minimally with this street and hookers and drug dealers will stay put in this area. Drive real slow, look around for people. Cruise the same street three times, you'll be suprised that sometimes someone will show up the third time.

NOW, THERE ARE SEVERAL VERY BAD TIPS IN THE ABOVE WRITEUP. Firstly: NEVER EVER give your money to someone in advance. Even if you know them. I have been purchasing drugs for years and this is a lesson I have learned the hard way about twenty times. NEVER EVER! You give your money to someone you pick up on the street and take them somewhere and drive around while they run in and get the goods, I have news for you: they ain't comming back 90% of the time.

It is a very bad idea to go cruising for drugs. I must remind you of that. Many men who deal on the street really don't give a fuck. They will sell you fake pot, incense for opium or hash, baby powder for cocaine, tar for heroin. You're just a honky driving his car around, he's got to worry about how to raise the $50 rent for his subsidized housing. How is he going to do that when he's hopelessly addicted to cocaine. Really, the majority of people who deal on the street live very different lives than you and if there is one lesson I have learned in life it is that we do not all hail from the same tribe.

Any true drug dealer will hand you the goods and allow you to examine them first. If you agree to buy them put the drugs in your pocket first then scoop out the money.

The very best way to get drugs is to adopt an alternative lifestyle and be real. Grow some dreadlocks. Or wear a hemp necklace. Network a little. Grow your own. Don't go looking for trouble on the streets.