So before I begin this rant let me make this clear, I am not discussing whether or not the term "faggot" is offensive. This, for now is irrelevant. I am just looking for some explanations so please help me out.

I have a homosexual male friend who absolutely despises the use of the word faggot. We've had arguments when I have let it slip into my rants. I understand that it does possess the power to be extremely offensive but find it extremely hypocritical when he drops the c-bomb or calls someone a wog etc.

My justification - right or wrong - is that I use this inappropiate language, yes, i know it's inappropriate, indiscrimately and without bad intent. I know im treading on eggshells here but I find it so much more offensive when this friend uses a politically incorrect insult. It feels like it has such intent.

I compare it to a murder. On one side there is a murderer who will just kill everyone that they come across, in this case this is me. And my friend specifically kills certain people.