The Right Reverend, nee Lawrence Hinkson, is a musician, public servant, male model, screenwriter, leading theological light, and one of the senior statesmen of The Peoples' Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Wearing a thick yellow and white beard, he can often be found at or near the 1369 Coffehouse in Central Square, decked out in old sneaks or rollerskates, leg warmers, bright orange crossing guard-type vest, and a fire department or police hat (sometimes holiday-appropriate headwear); or some other outfit you can't miss. He was born in Cambridge, on Brookline St., and in the early and mid '50s was a pianist, composer and road manager for a doo-wop band called the Lovenotes.

After his short but illustrious musical career, the Reverend faded from the public eye for a time, much like Jesus did. But around 1987, he emerged as a "volunteer policeman," always there to protect the helpless, and became increasingly visible on the streets of Cambridge. In the mid-1990's he was immortalized in a mural, smack dab in the middle of his native Central Square.

Rev. Love parlayed his newfound fame and the universal goodwill of the people into a run for mayor in 1998. His platform called for weekly parades, secession from Massachusetts, throwing Harvard College out of Cambridge, designating "It's So Good" as the official Cambridge anthem, making the local towing company wash all of the cars they tow, and letting pretty women ride the bus for free. Although his mayoral campaign failed, he will be the peoples' champion forever.

sources: personal experience, and, a site dedicated to the reverend.

Update 9/21/01: I have just been informed that the Cambridge police are holding the reverend against his will at Somerville Hospital. Call them at 617-349-3300 and tell them to let insane people back on our streets!
/Me mourns,
and worries that I'm getting used to that sort of thing.