The curse of the thinking women, who lived in books, and in their mother's dreams, in visions of happy homes, and in the hope of intellectual filling up, vessels spilling at the brim, looking for a half empty hope to fill...and they wrote and wrote in the hope that they would carelessly discover a cipher for the code, take a symbol and make it stand for itself, not to be qualified but stand free. It is terrifying that all we are told about men and women could be true. Why is it, when we look for intellectual equals we have to stake so much? Is this the price we pay for being educated? I hope my daughter's world allows her to be proud and not ashamed of her learning, that she does not have to suffer for knowing. Maybe this is why man's fall is the fall of woman, Eve's knowledge prevents us from finding him, them, and then that would be the end of creation as we know it.

look look look
how the stud
walks the street
at a strut
in his leather
and his rib
I am like
a nib through
which his ink flows.
his muse
to amuse
for I can
not do much
probe his potence
prove his manhood
just like every good serpent