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To infinity! Or until I get bored and forget what I was doing.
Once I thought the Pope masturbated, and I'm sure that he has, but he is SO old! Is it even possible anymore?
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I break for butterflies!

Dihydrogen monoxide is water. I'm Patty. Once upon a time, Thuper Ranger, then known as herbapet, managed to suck me in to the black hole of information that is E2. Since then, I have lost and regained and relost and regained interest in this nifty hunk of internet. I'm a student at Goucher college, and I love things like funderwear and ugly cats and simple amusements, while I hate realizing there is no more toilet paper after it's too late and Dogde or Plymouth Neons (damn those fucking cars!).

Other than that, I'm just this chick who's pretty nerdy about a lot of stuff, but stull considers herself cooler than nerds (I know-- who do I think I'm fooling? Just let me live my lie). I'm not a very persistant noder, and I don't bother with crap that absolutely everyone can know about, like song lyrics or poems. Have a fantabulous day.