My first free Saturday in weeks...seems unnatural. I had set my alarm clock for 9:15, but repeatedly hit the Snooze button until 10:30.

Not knowing what to do with myself, I wandered around, and decided to take a jog with my dog. I dressed in my running pants, a t-shirt, and sneakers, and found my dog's leash. She started jumping up and down as I put it on her, so I left the house quickly.

We started jogging, but the dog had to pee, so I stopped for a sec. She finished, and we kept going. I saw a group of highschoolers, and didn't want them to see me in my jogging suit with my dog, so I turned around to go the other way.

We jogged down the street, past my house, and one house after there were some people outside. They looked in my direction. Embarrassed, I turned around again, and went home. My dog didn't care that much, but I felt like a sloth, so I got out my trampoline and my music and jumped for 15 minutes.

I felt good then, but still had the whole day with nothing to do, so I walked around the house again. My mom is away for the weekend, so the house was a mess. I noticed this, and started cleaning it up. I picked the junk off the floor, and put all the papers on the table in a pile, and put all the dishes in the sink. Then I went into my room, and it was disgusting. Junk was everywhere -- I don't know how I had been living in there!

I cleaned up everything, sorted out my clothes in Throw Out, Keep, Wash, and Give Away piles. I have a lot more closet space now, yay!

My dad got up, and he wanted to go to the guitar store and look at an electric guitar for my birthday. I agreed eagerly, and got dressed right away, and sat on the couch to wait for him to be ready. We were just about to leave, but Bill called, and he talked to him for about half an hour.

We finally left, and went to the local music store first. The old lady who runs it was nice enough to us, but a local college student came in, looking at some bass guitars, and the lady said crankily, "You're not going to just look, are you? Some of those kids just come in here during their breaks, play the guitars, break a string, and leave." The kid assured her that he was a music major and was actually interested, but she kept bugging him. He got fed up and left, and we did too, wondering how many customers she lost that way.

Next my father and I headed to the a little store near the mall, up in Nashua. It was very good - the employees were knowledgeable and friendly, and there was a huge selection. I tried out a couple of guitars, and decided on one I really liked. My dad said we were just looking for today, and we left.

I got home, and found that my friend Steve had called from work, wanted to hang out when he got home. I had lost his work number, so I didn't call back, but I felt kind of bad. I did want to do something, though, when he got home.

My brother got home, with his friend Ryan, and we hung out for a long time. I tried calling Steve a few times, but nobody answered, and I suspect he went and did something without me.

Colin and Ryan and I worked on my song. I have two different versions, a pop versionand a sad version, so we worked on lyrics. Colin's been writing most of them, since I've been having poet's block. We got a few more lines, but I don't love them too much. It probably won't get anywhere, anyway. I have the talent but no skills.

Colin and Ryan went back to Ryan's house, and I, not ready to go to bed, got on the computer. Colin, forgetting that I don't have DSL like he does at school, had left me online for the last two hours. Great. Considerate as I am, I didn't bother getting off and checking the answering machine, I just sat down to write this magnificent day log.

The End.