This indie-rock band was formed shortly before Oberst's freshman year of high school at Creighton Prep, and included Tim Kasher of Cursive and The Good Life, and Matt Bowen, who now plays for The Faint. Later, they were joined by Robb Nansel on guitar, who now runs Saddle Creek Records. Bowen eventually quit, followed by Kasher, and the band continued weakly for another 9 months with members Todd Baechle (of The Faint) and Ben Armstrong. The band broke up entirely after trouble with the overgeneral and over-connotated label of "emo" they received, and the general winding-downess nature of most high school bands. I am particularly fond of the song "My Other Car is a Spaceship" with the oh-so relatable and plaintive cries of "Why'd you lie to me? / The bitch, she lies to me."