I met her outside the underground station. Saw her rather than met her. Somehow cute. Blond, small. My girlfriend always blames me for checking up small brunettes, but it seems I'm switching to blondes now (she's blond too). I came out of the station and she was walking from the left to the pedestrian crossing on the right, where I also had to go to. I had to go to the completely opposite side of the cross-way, and one of the traffic lights was green. But she waited for the other light that was still red, and so I stayed with her, standing about one meter behind her. Her beautiful blond hair was beautifully tied up behind her head, she wore a dark green (a beautiful color) rain suit, blue jeans and Adidas sneakers or something like that. She was about one head shorter than I was. She looked to the left, saw the other traffic light and aimed for the other side of the road. I felt stupid at first wanting to cross the street, then waiting, and now crossing it again. I'm not sure if she recognized me, I doubt it. We crossed the second road, she moved exactly like I would have done it. I felt this special kind of relatedness. I had problems dodging other people and their umbrellas, so she was about 10 meters ahead of me. A 12A, not my bus, was stopping, but another 13A (my bus) was already heading for the bus stop. It stopped, I lost sight of her, thought about jumping into the bus, but I wanted to buy popcorn and pistachios first. If I had seen her being in the bus I probably would have turned down my purchase, but then I saw her going into the supermarket and rushed on eased. She was still in the first corridor, looking for spaghetti, when I passed her. I turned right, grabbed the popcorn, pistachios and jellybabies, went to the next corridor to look whether I had the appetite for something else, but caught a glimpse of her in the corner of my eye and followed her again. At the desk I was again standing right behind her, lucky bastard. She had bought one package spaghetti (I didn't look up which type of Barillas. Idiot.) and a can of potato goulash.

About two weeks ago I dug out my cook book from primary school and I have cooked potato goulash twice since then. Damn we would be a good match.

2.88 euro, she paid with a 10-euro-banknote. Again this parallel. I was about to pay 3.something with 10 euro too. It took her long to pack in her goods, so I could have had the chance to look at her face from the front, if she wouldn't have looked down all the time. She probably didn't even realize that I was there. I followed her closely out of the supermarket, she turned left to walk on by foot, I turned right, rushed into the bus, made myself comfortable in the last row and tried to catch a final glimpse of her through the rear window more or less successfully when the bus pulled out.

I'm not able to describe what she looked like, so I only wrote down what I did. Sorry.