Clinical Ineptitude in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors


In this third installment of the story of supernatural killer Freddy Krueger, the last remaining Elm Street children are amassed at a mental hospital. Below are the litany of clinical faux pas carried out during the movie. They are listed by time of occurrence.

00:09:30 The orderly Max is seen wheeling a cart of medication cups down the hall. This method of dispensing medication denotes a lack of proper supervision.

00:11:20 Dr. Neil attempts to sedate Kristen. It is hard to believe that a psychiatrist could perform an injection (something he probably hasn't done since medical school), on a hysterical patient without severe injury to both parties.

00:16:15 Kristen's family interview is conducted by Nancy, an intern, at the patient's home. It is customary for interns to be accompanied by their supervisor during their first few interviews.

00:17:17 Nancy goes into Kristen's room unescorted, and finds the ugliest 80's wallpaper imaginable. Ick.

00:21:38 At Nancy's apartment a model of Kristen's is in the background. This item being at her home represents a trespass of the classical patient/Doctor relationship.

00:22:31 Kristen waits for Nancy in the Doctor's office. She should not be in this area alone, where files on others and herself are kept.

00:26:47 Will and Joey have just finished a role-playing game with Taryn (why is a female patient in their room?). After Max comes in for lights out, they agree on sleeping shifts. The staff should most certainly perform night checks on patients with sleeping disorders.

00:33:14 The group therapy session following Phillip's death has no steering by the hospital staff. When Kincaid freaks out, Nancy, Dr. Neil, and Dr. Simms have an argument in front of the patients. Mental patients are notorious for their ability to exploit weaknesses, making it necessary to always put up an allied front in their presence.

00:35:45 Max leaves Jennifer alone in the break room after lights out, even though the entire ward is supposed to be on lockdown. Lockdowns are imposed for the safety of the patient, and this action puts her in danger. Then, the television comes to life, and kills her. Televisions should not do this.

00:36:50 The orderly Lorenzo flirts with Taryn and offers her drugs.

00:43:35 Nancy and Dr. Neil hold an unofficial group session, and undergo group hypnosis without proper procedure. Hypnosis has the potential to deeply damage a patient's progress, if shoddily applied.

00:48:45 Joey goes into a coma, as a result of the hypnosis. Nancy and Dr. Neil are relieved of duty, but in this scene she is sitting by his bed at the hospital, talking to him.

01:06:15 Nancy pleads with Max to see the patients one last time, to say goodbye. She then provides another unauthorized bout of group hypnosis.

01:14:30 More 80's wallpaper.

The rest of the film takes place in the dream, and in the junkyard, where Freddy is defeated for good. Or is he?

Ugh. Does anyone have standards anymore?