Sometimes I wonder why I quit smoking. My job almost demands that I endure some kind of high to get me through my day to day operations and coffee just doesn't cut it.

Found a new beer which I really enjoy. Tommyknocker "Red Eye" Lager ( I was very impressed by this lager and tonight I plan on sampling some of their other brews.

::whew:: Everything is fine with the girlfriend now. I'll be sure not to put us in that position EVER again.

Things to do today:

  • Finish painting living room walls
  • Go to hardware store for paint for main bathroom
  • Go to Beer House Distributors Inc. and pick up some more Tommyknocker brew

  1. Someone apparently didn't like my barrel house node so they voted me down. That hurts.
  2. I feel the overwhelming need to break something and I'm not sure why
  3. ::moan:: Skyline chili for lunch. If only I could turn back time