Being on time to work is not one of my strong points. Today, however, I was early so I spent a good portion of the early morning slacking off to make up for my timeliness. I have realized that my job does nothing but break me down. Each day it gets a little more difficult to drag myself out of bed and begin the morning's routine. By Friday I am sure to hit snooze one more time than I did on Monday, which brings the current count up to 6 (5 minutes of snoozing!). But like I said, this morning was an exception.

I've been fairly productive for the past hour. Did a bunch of general admin stuff (boring but it allows me to sit here and node at the same time) and played with a router's config. Now I'm ready for lunch!

Things to do today:

Its hailing outside right now which really pisses me off. I still haven't eaten lunch because I've been too busy. I guess that's what I get...