Wow, I haven't used a computer in 10 days (literally). I took a much needed vacation from work and computers in general. Where did I go, you ask? No where. Just kicked around Cincinnati and enjoyed having entire days with nothing specific to do.

But I'm back now. Back to work. Back to having shit to do everyday. Back to having a boss and an assistant, one telling me what to do, the other asking. Back to having e-mail and voicemail. Back to waking up at 8AM and staring out my window for a good portion of the day wishing I was outside. Back to one hour lunches and drinking 15 cups of coffee a day. Thats right, I'm back, and I hate it.

Things to do today:

  • Get over initial shock of having 261 new emails (not counting lists)
  • Up caffine intake to 20 cups of coffee
  • Meeting @ 2PM

  1. Meeting was a disaster
  2. Still sorting thru damn e-mail
  3. Haven't had as much time to node as I would have liked
Thank you, please drive through...