Go figure:
After two days of feeling like someone stabbed me in the stomach, drilled through my skull in an effort to pick my brain, and shoved razors down my throat, I finally feel better. I do not believe there is anything worse than being so sick that it hurts to move. This is the 4th year in a row that I have gotten sick in the beginning of summer.

Mmmmm... sunshine:
It's a perfect day (weather wise). The sun is shining and there are only a few puffy clouds in the sky. Unfortunately I'm sitting here at a desk staring at my monitor, something which I will continue to do until 5PM. However, it is Friday so I can't really complain. Something tells me this weekend is going to be filled with great things.

Things to do today:

It seems a portion of the new Michael Douglas film 'Traffic' is being shot just outside the building I work in. I suppose it's kind of cool because Cincinnati doesn't get in movies too often ('In too Deep' and 'Rainman' are the only one's I can think of off the top of my head). I also heard that they were shooting on Vine Street inches away from where I live. I'm not a big Douglas fan but it's nice to see the city you live in on the silver screen.