Hmmm. It's been 6 days since my last node creation here on E2 and a lot has happened. Erin left for Arizona today. She'll be gone for two weeks. I'm going to miss her but it will also be nice to be by myself for a while. However, two weeks is a bit much.

I've been handed the task of finding a cheap yet reliable bandwidth solution for the company I work for. So far I'm looking into SDSL and's wireless technology (which seems to be the way to go so far).

I missed Mr. Dibbs' birthday party @ Top Cats Saturday night. Atmosphere was there and they always put on a really good show so I'm kinda pissed about that.

Lately I've been thinking of taking a trip of my own (non-hallucinogenic of course) . Chicago is only 4 hours away (if you average 90mph) and I love it up there so that's probably where I'll end up.

Today I found quite a bit of Anticon shit on one of the OpenNAP Napster servers. This made me happy. Sometimes I'm utterly shocked at what I can find out there.

Things to do today:

  • Finish ripping "John Coltrane - The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings"
  • Rip "Capleton - One Mission", "Capleton - I Testament", and "Capleton - Prophecy"
  • Recompile 2.2.16 kernel
  • Mess around with ipchains
  • Find new book to start reading