There is an odd pleasure-- an odd satisfaction that it brings on.

Perhaps, it is a state of mind.

The rush, the quickening pulse as you continue, go on, pace deeper into the void, yes. Your writeup is almost complete, and then the final moment, place the final touches, and then...


It is done. But wait! There is an error in your HTML! The node looks skewed! Rush to get it done, rush! Rush I tell you! Good. Good. No one has voted on it yet...

Sitting in your chair, refreshing your window...avoiding that urge that sits at your fingertips, that urge to nodevertise-- that urge to enter the catbox, that destructive, that, that forbidden urge!

Something is different about the page. The first vote has come in. You have gained one XP. And no matter how much you tell yourself to go away, do something else, wait it out, you sit. And you wait. And you wait. And another vote floats in from the nodegel. No XP. But is it about the XP? Being an XP whore is bad, is it not? Must...not...think...about...the...XP...

And then you come to the undeniable truth of truths. You node, thererfore, you are. But no longer are you you.
You are Nate.
You are dem bones.
You are dragonmonkey.
You are the Initiate.
You are the Pedant.

You are Everything.

And, through the laws of logic, (Oh! Those wonderful, ever-present laws of logic!)

Everything is you.