... well, have fun, and I'll talk to you later, I guess.

Yea, definitely. Oh, and we need to hang out sometime before you go back to school... I'll give you a call tomorrow. K?

You bet. Have a good evening.

You too, bye.

Everyone knows those kinds of people that say that they'll call you back, or meet you somewhere for whatever, but never do. Everyone is one of those people at some point or another. It's not that they don't mean to make good on their promise, when they make it, it just comes down to a matter of importance. Are you the kind of person that is important enough to them that they can't help but call you? Do you linger always on the tip of their brain? Can they live with themselves if they don't call you back when they say they will? Do they count down the minutes until they hear your voice again?

I've known her for what seems like forever, and I consider us pretty good friends. I think of her as my best friend. I'm sure that she means more to me than I do to her though. Every time I get ready to call her, my heart still beats fast, until I can hear my pulse ringing throughout my head. I still get slight of breath and have to stop mid conversation every now and then to catch it when I talk to her on the phone. No matter how many times she says she'll call me back, and she doesn't, I still hold out that hope that maybe this time is different. I still find myself waiting by the phone, counting the minutes, thinking that the next one will be more significant than the last.

She should be calling right about now.

Five minutes after.

Ten minutes.

Half and hour.

An hour.

The time passes excruciatingly slowly by flipping through the channels, reading a couple sentences in between looking up at the clock, eating a quick nibble. The minutes turn to hours, which quickly pass. Before too long, it's inevitable that she's out doing something else, her time elsewhere allocated, to activities that do not involve dialing my number.

Maybe tomorrow?


The day after...?


Odds are, she just forgot. It's not her fault - she probably just had more pressing matters to attend to. It wasn't necessarily an intentional act. That sure doesn't make it hurt any less. Just once, I'd like to be important enough to someone that they want to call me back. I want to be the someone that people count down the minutes to until they're supposed to call. I want to be the name or face that they can't get out of their head.

Maybe this year...