Born March 29, 1979 in Higashi-murayama City, Japan. She is best known for being a J-Pop artist and seiyuu with an extremely high-pitched voice. Less famous than Megumi Hayashibara, but still worthy of recognition. Her songs mainly consist of her squealing in Japanese along with overly-cheerful synthesized music. It's nearly as good, if not better, than any amount of caffeine, and likely most other stimulants. Her more invigorating songs include Kuru Kuru Miracle, Ultra Relax, Loop People, Shopping A-Z, and Kimichi. Be warned, however. Some of these contain bursts of Engrish.

As a person, Shinohara is famous for being irrepressibly cute. Kawaii, even. She is generally very lively when featured on any medium, whether television, radio, or through her songs. She is a good smiler, and she often presents the world with her grin. She has her own music/fashion label, Jagged Apple. She loves her Dreamcast.