Today was certainly... well, not interesting, but not too dull, either. I got up at nine o'clock, which is no small feat because I was up until the wee hours of the night surfing the internet and noding. Five hours or so of sleep isn't too bad, but it makes getting out of bed even harder than usual. Of course, I wasn't doing this out of my own volition. I would've slept until noon if left to my own devices. However, I had a driving appointment. A driving appointment such that if I missed it, I'd forfeit forty dollars. I grudingly showered, forgetting to shave, of course, threw one of my less favorite shirts, a pair of jeans, and my Doc Martens. I then goofed off for a while and ate my peanut butter and honey sandwich. I planned to finish The Civic Minded Five, but I ran out of time. My mother kindly drove me to the school.

I met up with Patrick, hopped in the car, and got introduced to the driving instructor. It was 4 hours, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Two hours of driving each. Patrick was putting on his 3rd and 4th hours, and I was putting on my 4th and 5th. Needless to say, he's still much better than me. To my credit, I didn't make us all die. It was close a few times on the highway, but I'm pretty sure that nobody got more than some very very minor bruises. There was only one semi-incident. I took a 160 degree or so turn going nearly twice as fast as I should've. I probably should have been doing fifteen miles per hour or below, but I think I hit twenty-five. Everybody was woken up, but no damage was done. Patrick didn't really have any problems, so we made it back to the school in one piece. We filled out self-evaluation forms, and then my dad picked us up.

He insisted on taking us to get ice cream, and I now believe that it was a good decision. The girl at the ice cream counter was no other than Tara, my crew chief from the high school drama group. I had a brief conversation with her. Bland, but at least partially fulfilling. After the yummy ice cream (which I believe she gave me extra of because I'm so sassy (hah!)), we dropped Pat off at his apartment. After various errands with my old man, I returned to my precious computer.

I proceeded to do some substantial noding. Finished The Civic Minded Five, wrote a couple kinda bland factual writeups about guitar parts, and finally got to doing Don't take that tone with me, son. I'd been putting it off for a while, but I figured I could make a decent piece out of it. It turned out alright, I guess. After that bit of intellectual masturbation, I watched some TV and went to bed. Over all, not an entire waste of time.