Or, if not in the future, then back in Medieval times, or into any other time and culture where there was still some basic science to be discovered. (Line Noise)
I must strongly disagree: This is an opinion born of the present knowledge of science, a knowledge that would not and could not be had by someone living a millennium ago. Further, a person born a millennium from now would have the knowledge of that age and no doubt think the same about our science.

A millennium ago, people still believed in a geocentric universe. They believed that objects were, in there natural state, at rest. Atoms, molecules, and many of the elements were unknown.

A millennium ago, most people could not read. Half of them starved before becoming teenagers. The majority of those who lived didn't have time for intellectual pursuits.

A millennium ago, the Western world still wrote 3,472 MMMXCLXXII; and , well, that's just silly. Mathematics beyond simple arithmetic was mostly unknown.

People in similar situations come up with similar ideas; had any present-day geeks lived then it is most likely that they'd do the same thing as everyone else: Try and fend off starvation. Avoid disease (damn evil spirits!). Keep the feudal lord happy.

The world has come quite far since MI; no one should want to go back!