"The Strongest Man Ever"

...is what Alita calls him. A character from the Gunnm series. The champion of the top rank of "Motorball" the brutal cyborg racing sport in the Scrapyard. He's so good he only has one arm attached, to give some level of challenge. Alita's first real opponent. And perhaps last -- in a very real sense, Jashugan is the only person to defeat Alita, at least with comparable tools. Hell, she even beat Ryukisai Tachibana, and in like 3 panels! His "Maschine Klatch" is an even match for Alita's "Panzer Kunst", but at the time she meets him, Jashugan is quite literally the better person, and wields his power more effectively. The lessons he gives to Alita about self, about strength, and about pride take her the entire series to understand. After she does that, the whole world is at her feet.