I actually had this yesterday, but as I haven't slept since then we might as well call it today.

There's a large room under McConnell Hall that's not on the architecture diagrams. It's an Escherian space, at least the approaches thereof -- you have to walk up 6 or so flights of stairs to go underground. Down there is a large room: ceiling maybe 20 feet up, y & z dimensions somewhat larger than Smitty, or maybe larger than the Smitty I remember (which is admittedly larger than IRL, as I was quite a bit smaller then). Couches with various people on them, fine bookshelves with facinating books, artwork in burnished copper and blue oils.

This is a recent addition to my repeat dream stages. Perk: I can fly in this one. Not too much air to work with, but I still fly up the stairs, jump off bookshelves and fly across the room like the worst nightmare of that sad, tiny percentage of the population with a mortal fear of supernatural ferrets. Really annoyed someone's parents who had dropped by; disposing of them was easy - "it's the middle of the summer and you're in a dorm. You can't get more irrelevant." There was some other randomness down there, but I described this only to set up the scene and illustrate some background noise.

During the dream I saw that I was wearing two class rings from TAMS. I had one on each hand, such as a character in an RPG might wear two enchanted objects. They were identical except for the dates. One was marked from 1992 to 1996, the other from 1992 to 1999. This is unusual in the first degree in that I was there from 94 to 96, and unusual in the second in that the former ring was more aged and worn-down than the latter ring. After I woke up, I just stared at my hands for a little while.

If I were Gilgamesh, I would go to Ninsun and be told that my rings are two time periods of lessons. The older ring observes from 1992, when I Awoke, to 1996, when I Left. The newer ring starts again in 1992, but stop at 1999, when I stopped dying and internalized the answers that I had feared. The older ring is worn because it is exterior - it shows my visible changes; these are not the things that last. The newer ring burns brightly; it shows what no one can see; what I build on day after day. The ring stays bright as I continue to maintain it.

That was the meaning of my dream.