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mission drive within everything
to brainwash and control the young and ignorant
playing guitar
arthur mellows village college in Glinton
give me something pretty i hope ill neva be id rather be creepy & very strange
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The Strokes (person)
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hey im laura,im a typical teenager i live in peterborough (UK) i enjoy writing lyrics,listening to music,watching films,,reading, drawing and taking pictures my interests and some of my favourtie bands/musicians are:
syd barrett,abortion rights,feminism, weird eyes, photography, roses, converse, hole, drinking, pot, WEST MEMPHIS THREE, jim morrison,coffee, camomile tea, katie jane garside,courtney love!,My Friends, art, Music, biography's,books,guitars,riot grrrl, punk,amethyst,lyrics ,animal rights,emerald, mascara ,snow, anal cunt, reading,the colour green, red lipstick,drawing, andy warhol, tatoo's,twisted sister, the berzerker,Bill hicks,writing lyrics,reuben,,scarling,Ben kweller,snap-her,brmc,suicidal tendencies, cheap trick, choking victim, the distillers,garbage,hhh, Jill emery,Led Zeppelin, Kathleen Hanna,Kristen pfaff, l7,leftover crack,nirvana, daisy chainsaw,operation ivy, amen,queen adreena, radish, rancid,pink floyd,dead kennedys,dream theater, sex pistols, baby monoxide, the strokes,jack off jill, the doors,the hives,ramones,neil young,monkees, 12 stones,metallica, the clash,the darkness,misfits,NIN,the pixies, Pretty girls make graves,the vines,veruca salt,etc