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[Pingouin, you might be the coolest person I don't know.]

[Pingouin] came through in a big way. As many of you know, a few months ago I sent our [good sir Pingouin] to [New York City] on a mission to find the second [The Donner Party|Donner Party] [LP] which was released in 1988 only on [vinyl] with a limited number of [pressing|pressings]. I'd lost my only copy in a [housefire] back in '96. Pingouin completely fails in his record-hunting (he has been [punished]) but does alert me of a new [Innerstate Records] release of an [anthology] of the [Donner Party]'s work--including their first two albums and a previously unreleased third album. It also has some [live tracks] recorded by Tom Erikson at [The Berkeley Square] on his [walkman]. All-in-all, it's a two disc set for about $14.00 at []. For the three people out there who have even heard of them it's a great buy...the rest of you can [suck it].

Year 2000 release by [The Donner Party], available on [Innerstate Records]:
(All previous albums were [self-titled], [Peter Gabriel|Peter Gabriel style]...)

First CD:

  • [Before Too Long]
  • [Halo]
  • [Are You In Tune With Yourself?]
  • [Godlike Porpoise Head Of Blue-Eyed Mary]
  • [When You Die Your Eyes Pop Out]
  • [The Ghost]
  • [The Owl Of Minerva]
  • [Oh Esmeralda]
  • [John Wilkes Booth]
  • [That That Is, Is]
  • [Jeez Louise]
  • [Spiders]
  • [Surfin' To The Moon]
  • [Clean Living]
  • [G-l-o-r-i-a]
Second Album:
  • [Why Bother?]
  • [Sickness]
  • [Up & Down]
  • [Try To Imagine A Terrible World]
  • [Boxfull Of Bones]
  • [Mrs. Miserack]
  • [What A Gush Of Matter Into Life Is Here]
  • [Treepig]
  • [Unfriendly]
  • [Trust In Henry]
  • [Friendly]
  • [Lost In Hoboken]
  • [Blue Starch Acid For Baby's New Tooth]
Second CD:
  • [Please Don't Listen]
  • [Would You Like To Have Something To Eat?]
  • [When I Was A Baby]
  • [Dansen Gar Pa Svennsta Skar] (an old Swedish traditional)
Third Album:
  • [Chocolate Shake]
  • [King Chico]
  • [Your Mother]
  • [Harold Payne]
  • [Notker The Stammerer]
  • [Kore Cosmu]
  • [Goodnight Irene]
  • [Everyone Is A Girl]
  • [Nutty Booty]
  • [The Nixie]
  • [We Cannot Be Happy]
  • [Birthday Suit]
  • [Trepanned]
Live Tracks:
  • [Spiders]
  • [Friendly]
  • [Breakfast]
  • [Treepig]
  • [Sickness]
  • [Goodnight Irene] (cover of the [Leadbelly] song)
  • [When I Was A Baby]
  • [Squeeze Box] (cover of the [Pete Townshend] song)