At least for me, the worst part was the drive done to get the body. Although I couldn't claim to know Jhasen as well as the rest of genetic freaks we surround ourselves with, it was still an arduous task. In a community, whether electronic, flesh, neural-anything, the death of one of its members is a disheartening happening. Having solved the problem of absolutism versus human perception, I felt fully confident. That is why I keep this log. Like the Lithograph says "Which has died?"

His body looks somehow larger and smaller. Probably the combination of stamping and the post-mortem three day bloat. Looking at this corpse with Ryan and Scott, I can't help but wonder if this body might be of use to us in the long-term. Something to think about later.

After signing the body out, and promising to be good to it, the large white Cadillac is driven to the door, where the body is trundled down on a gurney, and with a toss put him on the roof for the journey back to Michigan. This task cannot be carried by a weakling triad.

--Letters from a Savior; Offer for a few--