***Official statement regarding the daylog of June 9, 2004 submitted by one GrouchyOldMan. Let it be known that this office has nothing to hide, and in fact has everything to gain, from the record being set straight. This is the truthful account of the Cape Cod trip, at least the first hellish fourth of it.***

The thing about Bill is this: he's a big liar.

I mean, he has the first part right - Sally and I graciously flew from our luxurious home in Redwood City, California to spend a few days in some four bedroom shack with seashells stacked beneath the porch like they were diamonds or otherwise somehow useful or tasteful. We had to drive ourselves to the San Jose airport and then we had to park the car ourselves and take a shuttle bus to the terminal.

A shuttle bus. With other travelers coming and going and there were at least three different stops before we were there.

I won't get into the flight itself. People everywhere and the children and the crying and the spitting. Oh - and did I mention these tickets cost us almost $300 (US) after the rebate? Money doesn't grow on trees. Anyway.

We got to Logan airport and we had to rent a car (not a new one, I'm pretty sure it was used) and drive for three hours in the dark. We got to Bill's house at 3am, like he says. And like he says he was sleeping. Didn't even stay up to greet us. You know, whatever. I'm just saying.

After pawing my girlfriend and trying to look into my eyes to see what I was really thinking, he reluctantly got in his stupid car and we tried to follow his drunken, gear-grinding swerves which finally led to this teepee he sunk ten bucks into in the late 70's. I say his car was stupid because I never looked that closely but it didn't seem particularly cool.

He bangs on the door, almost smashing the balsa, wakes up Sally's father (who has cancer and diabetes and cancer and needs his rest or else that's it) and insists we all do shots to honor Ronald Reagan or Saddam Hussein or somebody. Whatever, Sally and I had been drunk most of the drive from the airport.

So, that was the first night. After that it was worse because of things Bill said and did and because of the generally abysmal climate and assorted awful people. We'll get to that tomorrow though.

-The Management (Ryan)