Jason Lee, before pursuing an acting career, was a professional skateboarder. His first real (incidental) acting work was in "Video Days" (1991), a Blind Skateboards team video (directed by Spike Jonze, even).

He sang this (improvisational) song (very close to the camera with the fisheye lens, and with very bad teeth):
"There's a war outside of your window
It's destroying our world
So take the hand of a boy (pause) and a girl
and walk down the street and sing a happy song to make the world better
Peace on Earth, environment, religion, and pray to god."

He also leaned out of a hoopty and yelled, "No war for heavy metal!" to a bunch of pro-war demonstrators (this was right before the U.S. started printing "Try to burn this one" t-shirts and other anti-Iraq propaphenalia).

I met him once at a skate demo in 1992. He seemed like he was too drunk to walk straight, but he could still make 360 flips look more fluid than water. Super-nice guy, too.