A brand of soda pop/phosphate manufactured by the Clover Club Bottling Corp. of Minnesota since around 1920. It's something like 7up or Sprite, but tastes more like lollipops and is very, very green, like its name. It's also very gassy. Think of the Fizzy Lifting drinks from the Willy Wonka movie and the appeal becomes obvious. Looks like snot, makes you burp, causes a slight headrush - instant favorite for any 7 year old.

It has a strange aftertaste, and after the third or fourth bottle (I really liked the stuff in my candy diet days), it has a mouth-numbing effect, like carbonated Chloraseptic.

It's pretty hard to find nowadays, except in the soda fountains of old drug stores and small ice cream shops. It's also available through mail order and various websites. If you can't find a nearby fountain that offers it, buy only the glass bottles, the plastic ones taste funny.