An interesting bit about Cardcaptor Sakura is that it's not just popular with the shoujo demographic (young girls), but it's pretty big with the Japanese gay community, the doujinshi crowd, and other eccentric people.

CLAMP is known for throwing in hints to strange relationships in their manga, and the otherwise innocent CCSakura anime contains enough love-love glances to inspire a drinking game. Most of the references are yaoi (lit. means "flowery," but usually means gay prettyboy in the anime/manga world for the flowery backgrounds in such scenes), occuring between Sakura's schoolmate (and fellow Cardcaptor) Lee Shaoran and resident-bishounen Touya. Then there's Daidouji Tomoyo and Sakura, Sakura's older brother and Touya, etc, etc. The only normal relationship in the show is Sakura's puppy love crush on Touya (everyone seems to have a thing for him).

CLAMP started as a doujinshi crew, and these references that pop up in their work are thought to be how they "keep it real" and hold on to their doujin roots without getting too offensive, as well as practically throwing possible plots in the hands of other doujinshi groups.

It makes the show a lot more interesting for grown-ups and those who miss Absolutely Fabulous. 'Course, I watch it for Tomoyo and to see Kero-chan with his bubble pipe commenting on fashion at the end of each show ("Kero-chan Cheeeeeck!"). I would never, ever participate in or condone a Cardcaptor Sakura Love-Love Drinking Game. ^_^;