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Male - 47 chronological years although sometimes I still think I'm 21. Unfortunately reality usually sets in fairly quickly and reminds me of my true age. I hate when that happens... I have two very intelligent sons who keep me on my toes. The oldest is studying philosophy at the University of British Columbia and we exchange emails on various esoteric subjects. In fact that is how I stumbled on this site... I was writing to him and I was unclear on a piece of information I was about to give him so when I looked it up on Google one of the links sent me here and what I saw intrigued me so I joined up... Hey, anything pretentious enough to call itself "Everything" must deserve me as a member. Hmmm, what else can I say? I'm a wannabee writer with at least a modicum of talent as I have been published 3 or 4 times. (A couple more publishing credits and I'm eligible for a Canada Council grant...) I'm fairly well-read and have yet to lose a game of trivial pursuit but maybe I just haven't had opponents of a high enough caliber. I think that's about it for now... you'll be hearing from me...