First a broadway play, later a film.

Starred Gregory Peck and Danny Devito.
The premise is pure 80s.
A large corporate raider, Devito, arrives in a small Pennsylvania town and is prepared to buy out an old "family business" because he believes that it holds some value, globally. But value only if most of the workers are let go and the business is split up into small parts.

On the day that the stockholders vote on the proposed buyout/takeover, Peck, basically playing himself, gives a long oratory on the value of tradition and working as a group.
There is applause and tears.

Devito, stands up, smiles in reaction to the boos, and offers double the current stock price, for 6 hours. The second half of the movie is after the vote.

The movie is NOT anti-capitalism or anti-corporate America.

It is about what people do, as opposed to what people say.