Here is the letter I wanted her to send to me, from far away:

Dear ____

I think about you often, quite a bit actually. I go to classes, run track in the afternoon all the usual mundane things I am supposed to do. But I also find myself thinking of what you would say if you were here, if you would run to the piles of leaves and jump in (Say Yes), if you would go to the library with me and keep me from getting through my Biology chapters (Say No).

I see other couples and think of us, warm places on cold benches. I'm not trying to make you crazy here, it's just how it is.

I had Art/Design today and we were supposed to work on a project involving steps and ramps. I smiled to myself remembering that book of Escher drawings you gave me last summer, and then i drew some words for you.

up and down,
the ramps
shadows here, light there
take me up, when you go up
I like the way you catch the light

I love you, see you soon