He-College professor, tall and balding
She-lithe gothgirl, all black save her alabaster skin and lipstick the color of a deep flesh wound

Met in Comparitive Lit and found themselves both in love and with nothing in common.

He-found himself sweating profusely in the winter semester, hiding out in his office listening to Cole Porter records on his turntable while she turned around on his lap.

She-sat absent-mindedly on the leaf covered bench, listening to NIN while reading Checkov, waiting for his Intro class to end.

She -sent him drawings, poems, and photographs of places they had been together (excluding the two of them, for fear of evidence).

He -sent her nothing. Bought her nothing and seemed destined to give her nothing.

Until, three days before Christmas break..

She-found a typewritten note in her USED copy of War and Peace-

So charmingly heathen,
your skin is like a teardrop on a popsicle