A magazine about movies, the business of movies and the politics of American filmmaking.

Sometimes funny, sometimes well written (actors, directors and David Foster Wallace), and often cool to look at (Oh, that's how they did that! ). Often smarmy and too cool for it's own good.

Once a year they give the complete list of reviews for about 60 movies from about 30 different well known reviewers. If you don't mind taking the time to cross reference a little you can see how the reviewers think, and get a good frame of reference to how they will like/hate movies in the future.

They hated The Matrix, but loved Opposite of Sex and Go!, all right! I like this guy! The reviewer, Peter Travers, of Rolling Stone fits this description for me, but look for yourself.

They give reviews about movies being made (unfinished), movies coming soon and movies coming out on video.

It's sort of like People for college graduates, but it's usually ok.